Pelle Snickars

Pelle Snickars is in charge of the project and professor of digital cultures at Lund University. Snickars is a media historian and has a background in the cultural heritage sector – he was previously Head of Research at the National Library of Sweden. Snickars has also been professor in media and communication studies at Umeå University. He conducts research at the intersection of cultural historical media research, digital culture and digital heritage studies, and the digital humanities. Snickars has extensive experience from managing large DH-research projects connected to the themes of MODERN-36. Snickars has been manager of research projects around digitization of film and film historical records (—A Film Historical Platform, 2013–16, funded by RJ), digital sonic analysis (Streaming Heritage, 2014–18, funded by the Swedish Research Council), audiovisual culture (European History Reloaded, 2018–21, funded by EU JPI Cultural Heritage, with Snickars as PI), and computational text analysis (Welfare State Analytics, 2019–23, funded by the Swedish Research Council). Snickars is also coordinator of the major DIGARV program on digitization and accessibility of digital cultural heritage funded by the Swedish Research Council, a program running between 2019–26 involving 14 different research projects. For more information, see